Annual Report (2017-18)/National Service Scheme/Nabadwip Vidyasagar College Dr. Anup Kumar Saha, Program Officer, NSS.

Nabadwip Vidyasagar College is committed to perform community and social services under the National Service Scheme (NSS). We have received grants from our affiliated university that is University of Kalyani to conduct all the programs for every financial year.

All the programs are generally classified into two groups: General Camp and Special Camp. Short duration program usually one day program is conducted under the General Camp scheme and a seven day long outstation camp, very close to college location, is organized under the Special Camp scheme.

We have a very dedicated team comprised of 100 volunteers. Fifty percent of the volunteers are taken from the First year students group and the rest is from the Second year students group. Every year we add 50 NSS volunteers from the new student pool. We also take care about the proper gender balance during the formation of the NSS team.

We have conducted three general camps and one special camp during the last financial year that is 2017-2018. Not only that we have also celebrated some important days such as Republic day, Independence day, World AIDs day (1st December) and World Environment Day (5th June).

A very brief overview of the three general camps and one special camp is provided below:

Name of the Program Duration/Nature Number of Participants Remarks
Cleaning and Providing Health and Hygiene Tips in the Slum Area located at vicinity of the college Two days/ General Camp 100 We have also distributed Phenyl, Bleaching powder, hand wash and soap.
Blood Donation Camp One day/General Camp 15 Donated blood
Cleaning College Campus specially the college medicinal garden Two days/General Camp 100 Medicinal garden and the entire premises is cleaned.
Yoga camp at a primary school, survey on social issues Seven days/ Special camp 50 Program is conducted at the Bablari I gram panchayat.


Needless to say that our dedicated team has tried their best to perform their value-based social responsibilities to reach the people with the help of NSS. It may be small with respect to the larger society but it can’t be ignored. Hope these small steps will certainly bring sea-change in future. We will continue our program with more enthusiasm in the days to come.