Department of Mathematics

Our Department is one of the best Department in Nabadwip Vidyasagar College. At this time, the Department consists of one Associate Professor, three Assistant Professors, One Guest Lecturer and more than 200 honours students. Besides classrooms, Department provides to the  Students a renovated numerical lab and a computer lab. Besides Central Library, Department also gives the facility to the students to read books from Department. Departmental Students participate many cultural programs, sports, quiz as well as they perform brilliantly in the University’s Exam. They published a good quality wall magazine, they organized Departmental seminar in every year.

Beside lecture method, we frequently use audio visual method with the help of smart class room. At this present year 2018, CBCS is introduced in our education system. Students teachers relation is very heartily; Organization of Educational Tour is one of its symbol.

Besides teaching,  our teachers are involving in research and administrative works. Prof. Arun Kumar Mandal acts as Teacher-In-Charge and Prof. Debiprasad Acharya guided a Ph.D. scholar. All are requested to visit our Department for its betterment in the future world so that its serve the society as good as present.

Dr. Arun Kr. Mandal
(Teacher In Charge)

Sri Subhajit Sen
(Guest Lecturer)

Dr. Debiprasad Acharya
(Assistant Professor)

Dr. Samiran Senapati
(Assistant Professor)

Dr. Chinmay Biswas
(Assistant Professor)