Department of Physics

The Department of Physics since its establishment in 1942 has played a crucial role in the college. Talented, motivated and well qualified faculties are actively engaged in teaching as well as research in different areas of physics. They have, to their credit, numerous high quality research publications.

In the Physics department at Nabadwip Vidyasagar College, our main focus is to guide students to understand the basic principles of physics. From the courses taught here, students procure a framework of ideas and techniques which inspire them to think creatively and build their own paths in the scientific community. The department makes great effort to offer truly integrated courses where there is no clear boundary between the classroom and the laboratory. The laboratory experiences will delineate experimental methods while they introduce students to important phenomena. They will challenge them to refine their experimental skills and encourage them to understand the subtle interaction between theory and experiment. Our laboratories are well-equipped, accessible and provide a wide range of instrumentation. Students are highly encouraged to nourish their knowledge using the well organised departmental library and computers which are connected with internet. Our departmental seminar prepares students to take up challenges as speakers in near future. Teacher – Student relationship is highly valued in our department and teachers are always ready to provide support at their level best to promote students’ academic level to the zenith. As a result, our students are achieving very good marks in the University Examinations and cracking all India examinations regularly. A number of ex-students are currently pursuing research work in the premier Institutes of our country. Concisely, our department strives to impart high quality education in a vibrant academic atmosphere.

Sri Pravash Mandal (Associate Professor)

Smt Nidarshana Guha (Part-Time Teacher)

Dr. Nirmalendu Ganai (Assistant Professor)

Sri Sudipta Modak (Guest Lecturer)

Sri Rajkumar Mondal (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Ashim Kumar Biswas (Assistant Professor)