Department of Commerce

About the Department

The Department was established in July, 1964. It was started with one full-time Lecturer named Prof. Anil Kr.Saha. After that, the teachers who glorified the department were Prof. Prasad Ranjan Saha, Prof. Rabin Kundu, Prof. Gouranga Prasad Saha and Prof. Harendranath Neogi. Now they are all retired.

Presently the department has four full time teachers and one Part-time teacher. They are:

Sl Name Qualifications Designation
1 Dr. Pranab Nag M.Com, Ph.D,ICWA(Inter) Associate Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Joydip Dasgupta M.Com, Ph.D, AICWA Associate Professor
3 Mr. Siba Prasad Chakraborti M.Com, ICWA(Inter) Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Tapan Kr. Samanta M.Com.Ph.D,AICWA Assistant Professor
5 Mr. Amit Kr. Biswas M.A Part-time Teacher

Apart from the central library with 758 books, the department has a separate departmental library with 50 fifty books. The central library keeps two subject-related Journals –The Economic & Political Weekly and The Management Accountant. The students may also access E-Journals in the library.

The success rate of the students for the last five years:

Year B.Com(Hons) B.Com (Gen.)
Success Rate(%) Success Rate(%)
2013-14 40% 100%
2014-2015 81% 50%
2015-2016 100% 100%
2016-2017 90% 65%
2017-2018* 62% 40%

*One student obtained 1st Class Honours.

Dr. Pranab Nag
(Associate Professor)

Sri Amit Kumar Biswas
(Part-Time Teacher)

Dr. Joydip Dasgupta
(Associate Professor)

Sri Siba Prasad Chakraborty
(Assistant Professor)

Dr. Tapan Kr. Samanta
(Assistant Professor)