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During the Second World War, following the bombardment by Japan Calcutta saw an unprecedented exodus of a huge number of literate and enlightened citizens who, finding a safe haven on this part of gangetic soil, settled in Nabadwip. Calcutta Vidyasagar College, with its fast dwindling teachers and taught, had its two branches founded one in Suri, Birbhum and the other in Nabadwip. Read More…

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Dr. Arun Kumar Mandal

I am greatly pleased to write on the Nabadwip Vidyasagar College website as the Teacher-in-Charge During the second world war, when the Japanese army was bombing Calcutta, the famous Vidyasagar College of Calcutta was temporarily shifted to oxford of Bengal the birth place of Srichaitanya on 5the March 1942 after the war was over original Vidyasagar college of Calcutta was shifted back to its which was stanted at Nabadwip, remained Nabadwip is a city under municipal administration in the district of Nadia is West Bengal. Nabadwip is a town with rich tradition and heritage and still continue to be famous for its Sanskrit teaching. The indigenous Sanskrit schools, known as “Tols” in which Smriti and Nyaya are imparted, attract many Students. Read More…

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